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05 August 2016

Following the delivery and training, ALTAVE’s wide area persistent surveillance aerostat debuts to ensure the security of all Olympic venues

When the Opening Ceremony started, the Maracana stadium, as well as the other Olympic venues and their surroundings, were under high surveillance from the skies. With growing concerns about terrorism and criminality, especially at international events, the ALTAVE OMNI aerostat solution was selected by security authorities responsible for safeguarding the Olympics due to their unique ability to prevent, detect and quickly investigate suspicious acts. ALTAVE’s aerial solution is the key security asset during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, with four moored balloons flying 200m above the ground at Rio de Janeiro, covering a total area of 160km² (corresponding to 13% of the city area).

The systems are being operated by the security forces personnel, who went through a training program conducted by ALTAVE. During the training period, the systems and operators were faced with actual situations and were prepared to provide full capabilities during the Olympics.


ALTAVE OMNI is the key technology for crime prevention at the Olympics and the biggest investment into a security equipment for the Games. It is also the first wide area persistent surveillance aerostat ever developed for civilian application.

The solution employs technology developed to meet the needs of protecting large and critical facilities: from stadiums to bases in war scenarios. Capable of covering large areas with simultaneous 360 degrees high definition images, it can monitor details at specific points without losing the whole scenario image. All images are temporally and geographically indexed, thus becoming a great tool for forensic expertise.

Features include:

  • Extraordinary capacity of real-time detection for multiple users – various users can watch different parts of the full captured image with independent Pan, Tilt & Zoom image tools;
  • Provides forensic investigation tools for multiple users – various users can independently locate an event by time and GPS coordinates and track backwards or forwards to understand the facts;
  • Captures 360° imagery of more than 120 MPixel at 3 frames per second (equivalent to 60 Full HD or 15 4K TVs);
  • Covered area of up to 40 km², recording all area all the time – even if the users are zooming into a specific area, the total covered area is recorded and available to other users;
  • 6m diameter aerostats floating continuously at 200m above the ground are an intimidating tool to potential terrorists or criminals;
  • Up to 72h of continuous flight;
  • Mobility to transport all items in a trailer and change launch sites.

Surveillance aerostats are proven to be the most cost-effective aerial solution for persistent use when compared to any other flying platform. It is compact for transport with quick and easy installation – preparation for operation in up to one hour. Aerostats are also safe for use in urban and rural environments, silent and environmentally friendly.

Apply for a visit

Those who wish to visit the ALTAVE OMNI in operation can send a request via The visits, to be conducted in one of the four Olympic venues between August 6th to September 18th, will be scheduled according to availability and will be subject to the authorization of the security authorities.

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