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By Isaura Daniel | 24 February 2017

The Brazilian companies that went to Idex 2017, which ended this Thursday, reached deals and found business opportunities. Arab Chamber executives visited the exhibition.
Abu Dhabi – The defense industry show Idex came to an end this Thursday (23) in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, and exhibitors from Brazil had good results. The Brazilian pavilion featured 16 enterprises, which advanced in talks for deals and entered into agreements with Arab executives.

Smart Power, a Brazilian provider of defenses such as ballistic protection and special cameras, signed a collaboration agreement with its Abu Dhabi-based counterpart the International Golden Group (IGG).

The deal will see Smart Power manufacture one of IGG’s vessels in Brazil. In turn, the Arab company will advertise a mobile ballistics evaluation system in the Middle East, according to Frederico Aguiar, the chairman of Smart Power and CEO of the Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Material Industries (Abimde). “The Arab market is key for the Brazilian industry,” Aguiar said.

Abimde rated the expo’s results as excellent. Speaking to ANBA at the Idex, Abimde’s executive vice president Carlos Afonso Pierantoni Gambôa said collaboration agreements were entered into during the trade show.

The industry makes both defense and security products and services. Therefore, its clients are in both the public and private sectors. Besides the best-known products such as weapons and ammunition, also available are assorted systems, ships, vehicles, bulletproofing, helicopters, etc.

One of the Brazilian exhibitors at Idex 2017 was Atech, a control/combat software-making arm of the Embraer conglomerate. The company got in touch with several people, spotted opportunities and potential partnerships, according to Defense Business Development executive Vinicius Meng.

The director of ALTAVE, Bruno Avena de Azevedo, said he made some excellent contacts at the expo, which he will follow through with at later meetings. The company manufactures aerostats and unmanned, light-aircraft balloons designed to lift equipment ranging from surveillance cameras to telecom antennas and radars.

ALTAVE first turned to exports a year ago, and it has been to nine different international exhibitions since. This was their fime at Idex. “We were very well received. They aren’t very familiar with our technology, only with larger balloons, and receptivity was good since our system is complementary to the larger ones,” said Azevedo.

Two other exhibiting companies that were pleased with the results are Condor and Emgepron. Condor makes mostly police-oriented products such as pepper spray and teargas grenades, and it already sells product to the Arab world.

Emgepron sells Brazilian Navy products such as ammo and ships. It also does business in the Middle East, and it worked out new deals at Idex, according to Ammunitions manager Adelson Silva Lucena.

Another Brazilian company, BCA showcased its ballistic protection items, which are used in manufacturing bulletproof vests and in bulletproofing automobiles, vessels and aircraft. The company has achieved 40% weight reduction in its vests. CCO André Nestor Bertin said business is already underway in the Middle East.

The Brazilian participants relied on support from the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) via its Dubai office; from the Brazilian Ministry of Defense; and from the Embassy of Brazil in Abu Dhabi.

Embraer had its own stand at the expo.

Arab Chamber

This Thursday, the Brazilian stand at Idex was visited by executives from the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, among president Rubens Hannun and CEO Michel Alaby. They spoke with top Abimde personnel and offered to work together to increase market share for Brazilian companies in Arab markets.

Emirates News Agency (WAM) reported that the UAE Armed Forces alone reached agreements worth AED 19 billion (USD 5.2 billion) during the exhibition.

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