Buenos Aires, Argentina
By ALTAVE | 27 March 2017

Movistar (Telefonica Group) is the first provider in Argentina to test this type of solution, thus remaining at the forefront of communication innovation
In partnership with CIS GROUP, a provider of communication technology services, ALTAVE operated a tethered balloon at the Estación Terrena de Balcarce, in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, with the objective of demonstrating an innovative solution for fast delivery of mobile telephony service in extreme or contingency situations, since its assembly is simple and only requires two people for its implementation.

The technology installed on the balloon is similar to that of a mobile radio base station, while the balloon remains attached to the ground by means of a cable, functioning as a temporary telephone tower. The balloon can remain in the air, at a height of up to 150 meters, for an indefinite period, provided that a recharge of Helium gas is performed every five days.

The tests with ALTAVE’s balloon were the first of the kind to be performed in Argentina, having been successful and attesting, thus, the possibility of providing telephony service through a tethered balloon in diverse scenarios. See the video record of the operation:

See below the repercussion of the operation in the media: