Formed by a young group, committed and willing to learn and share new ideas, ALTAVE is proud to have in its team people who seek excellence in everything they do. Our team is formed of qualified professionals with international experience, including MSc’s and PhD’s.

The binomial innovation and creativity is not a cliché to us, it’s routine.

That’s why we focus in developing products to perfectly solve and fit the market’s demands, be it civil or military, rural or urban.


ALTAVE is a company that constantly invests in technology and research, but the most important for us is to invest in people.We look for each one that work with us as a human being and not as a labor force or an operating cost. Our employees, alongside our clients, are our greatest asset.

Working hard and with zeal is a company trademark. The most important for us is the satisfaction not only of our clients, but also of our employees who leave their homes every day to do something relevant to society and their own lives.

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