Lighting Balloons for Security and Industries



We can offer the most suitable lighting solution for you, for a safe and comfortable working environment:

  • Homogeneous 360 ° lighting
  • Lighting capacity of 22,500 m² per balloon
  • Light without reflections and shadows, ensuring excellent visibility and life safety 
  • Reliable and weather resistant balloons
  • Easy assembly in up to 2 minutes

Strong Points

The lighting balloons offer homogeneous light that is 360 ° diffused, without glare and without shadow. Powerful, they can light up to 22,500 m² in 2 minutes.



In comparison between the illuminated area of a reflector and the illuminated area of an Airstar lighting balloon.

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Where we can help you

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Our security lighting solutions are also used in emergencies, firefighters, NGOs, natural and security disasters, police checkpoints, army camps and logistics. The lighting balloons are the promise of a diffuse and homogeneous 360 ° lighting, without shadow and without brightness.

Real applications of lighting balloons