Aimed to the Defense & Public Security market, this solution was conceived for use in persistent monitoring (day and night) of large areas such as boders, critical facilites and complex situations. Allows privileged view, using high precision gimbals with multiple sensors. The embedded optronic is a military grade MiniPOP. Has cooled infrared sensor with continuous optical zoom, in addition to the colored TV camera. Has image tracking capabilities and user predefined area scan. The gimbal is rugged, IP 66 rated and 2 axis gyro-stabilized.

Features of ALTAVE’s aerostats:

  • Most cost-effective aerial solution for persistent use;
  • 5 days non-stop operation (no maintenance);
  • Stabilized system with 360° coverage;
  • Compact for transport, quick and easy installation – preparation for operation in up to 30min;
  • Safe for use in urban environments and able for operation in remote areas;
  • Silent and environmentally friendly operation.

Specific features of ALTAVE HORIZONTE:

  • Colored TV camera and IR (infrared) sensor;
  • 28x continuous optical zoom and 3x digital zoom;
  • Auto-tracking (automatic tracking of targets) and scan (area auto-scan) functions;
  • Vehicle detection at 35km (22mi);
  • Human recognition at 3,6km (2,2mi);
  • Operates in winds up to 64km/h (35knots).