Employs technology developed to meet the needs of protecting large and critical facilities: from stadiums to bases in war scenarios. Capable of covering large areas in 360 degrees with simultaneous images in high definition. Additionally, it can monitor details at specific points without losing the whole scenario. All images are temporally and geographically indexed, thus becoming a great tool for forensic expertise.

The choice for the security of the RIO 2016 Olympic Games.

Features of ALTAVE’s aerostats:

  • Most cost-effective aerial solution for persistent use;
  • 5 days non-stop operation (no maintenance);
  • Stabilized system with 360° coverage;
  • Compact for transport, quick and easy installation – preparation for operation in up to 60min;
  • Safe for use in urban environments and able for operation in remote areas;
  • Silent and environmentally friendly operation.

Specific features of ALTAVE OMNI:

  • 13 cameras composing mosaic of more than 100MP (equivalent to 60 Full HD TVs or 15 4K TVs) – excellent identification capacity;
  • Simultaneous 360° view;
  • Covers up to 44km² (17mi²);
  • Real time image processing;
  • Indexed image recording (time and location);
  • Operates in winds up to 64km/h (35knots).