Created from the know-how gained in the development of military products, this solution makes high-resolution images with stability from a privileged height, being indicated for tactical purposes. Major applications: monitoring of large events, riots, etc.; police operations support; forestry and deforestation; TV broadcasting. Its main features are the easy handling and high quality results. It has an embedded 2MP Full HD camera with high sensitivity to light for night use and remotely controlled lens for zoom and focus, mounted on a 3 axis gyro-stabilized gimbal. The commands and videos are made available through software via IP protocol, enabling remote access.

Features of ALTAVE’s aerostats:

  • Most cost-effective aerial solution for persistent use;
  • 5 days non-stop operation (no maintenance);
  • Stabilized system with 360° coverage;
  • Compact for transport, quick and easy installation – preparation for operation in up to 30min;
  • Safe for use in urban environments and able for operation in remote areas;
  • Silent and environmentally friendly operation.

Specific features of ALTAVE VANGUARDA:

  • Stabilized Full HD 2MP color camera;
  • Continuous optical zoom;
  • High sensitivity to light (0,01lux);
  • Vehicle detection at 29km (18mi);
  • Human recognition at 1,4km (0,9mi);
  • Operates in winds up to 30km/h (16knots).