The main agenda for one of the most select events of the Oil & Fuel sector

Between April 18th-19th 2018, ALTAVE presents its solutions at the Oil & Fuel Theft Summit 2018.

The event takes place in Geneva, Switzerland, is one of the main events dedicated to Oil & Gas Sector security, and promises, according to the event organizer, IQPC, to “create discourse between high-level stakeholders within the hydrocarbons industry on how we can fight this revenue depriving crime and provide insight on the current solutions available such as: molecular marking, flow management and surveillance. By encouraging collaboration and drawing attention to this issue, we hope that the tide will start to turn on this criminal enterprise”.

Oil & Fuel sector problem

Oil and Fuel theft is a major, global challenge in our industry, with the repercussions of this illicit activity being wide spread from ecological damage to depriving governments of customs and tax revenues and actively funding criminal activities.

“Estimates suggest that as much as $133 billion worth of oil and fuel is stolen, adulterated, or fraudulently transferred at some point in its supply chain annually. This is a criminal activity that destabilizes markets, states, and even regions; it can no longer be ignored. The new, ‘lower for longer’ oil price has further incentivised the need to tackle this cost to governments and private companies active in the hydrocarbons industry”, says IQPC.

For this reason, the future of Oil&Fuel security will be discussed by market key players at the Oil & Fuel Theft 2018, at 18-19 April, 2018, and ALTAVE will be present.

The solution

Responding to client’s needs, ALTAVE’s team strived to develop an aerial solution for monitoring entire pipelines.

Our proven technology for broad coverage monitoring provides situational awareness with real time information and comprehensive evidence for future investigation. ALTAVE’s tethered aerostat solution is an eye in the sky able to fly for weeks, with fast deployment and easy repositioning. Ultimately, the solution provides definite deterrence and prevention of criminal activities, improving safety and allowing early detection of oil leakage, besides minimizing false alarms. Below are more details on how tethered balloons can work out these problems.


A persistently flying monitoring balloon has a strong psychological deterrence effect while providing wide area video surveillance. Many of our clients have experienced this immediate and continued intimidating effect when employing our system, with data showing that suspect incidents dropped to near zero while the balloon was up in the sky. Furthermore, live and precise information delivers situational awareness to pipeline security staff, enabling fast and accurate decision making.

Oil theft is today a multibillion-dollar business that deeply affects the global economy and security, since it mainly fuels drug cartels and terrorist groups while undermining oil companies around the world. Tethered aerostats are the most cost-effective monitoring solution when compared to helicopters or drones in persistent operations. Hence, aerostats are an excellent investment for oil companies to prevent losing billions of dollars in stolen assets.


In the same way that preventing theft, the use of wide area persistent surveillance aerostats successfully intimidates vandalism activities. As soon as the balloon is in the sky, definite deterrence of criminal activities is delivered while providing video evidence for inquires. Consequently, accidental injuries and life losses caused by implications of these activities are prevented, aside from avoiding reparation lawsuits.


ALTAVE’s aerostat solutions have been successfully employed in monitoring pipelines for prevention and early detection of oil leakages, reducing environmental impacts and financial losses. Situational awareness is provided through broad coverage and videos in real time, allowing quick evaluation of different scenarios and clarifying the field of action for work teams. Moreover, day and night operations are enabled by the system’s IR (infra-red) camera. Video evidence is gathered and can be used to verify if all appropriate mitigating actions have been taken. Finally, when disaster strikes you can rely on the system’s inherent flexibility and mobility in order to quickly answer your communication and video needs.

False Alarm

Fiber optics, pigs and other sensors based on sound, temperature, pressure and flow data are very helpful in detecting leaks. However, these systems are commonly known to generate numerous false alarms. ALTAVE’s tethered aerostats complement such leak detection systems by delivering situational awareness through live and accurate visual information.

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If you want more information about this particular security situation of the Oil & Gas sector, read the official Global Report 2018 made available by the event organizer.


ALTAVE is an aerospace industry, founded in March 2011, that develops aeronautical platforms for video monitoring and telecommunications.

ALTAVE’s solutions are suitable for Defense, Public Safety and Environmental Monitoring applications, in addition to the Agribusiness, Oil and Gas, Mining and Construction sectors.

In 2016 , ALTAVE gained international notoriety due to its success in the implementation of four wide area persistent surveillance balloons in the RIO 2016 Olympic Games. Its solutions were also present in big events such as the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro and Recife, the FIFA Confederations and Libertadores Cups, as well as performing in several operations with the Brazilian Army and Military Polices in border regions and critical infrastructures.