ALTAVE is one of the winners of the Votorantim’s ‘Smart Territories’ challeng


By ALTAVE | December 15, 2017

ALTAVE was one of the winners of the “Smart Territories” challenge, released by Votorantim S.A. along with 100 Open Startups, an online platform sponsored by global companies that, together, evaluate and classify startups from around the world.

The challenge is part of an initiative of Votorantin’s Center of Excellence – which operates in the areas of shared solutions, information technology and real estate asset management – and aims to propose new solutions in territory management to increase the efficiency of local action, in addition to seeking ways to automate services and activities in the territories under management of Votorantim S.A. and its investees.

The company seeks startups that propose solutions to:

  • monitor territories and mitigate risks;
  • discover and preserve biodiversity;
  • supervise field services;
  • identify natural cause events;
  • to construct maps of land use and occupation.

More than 50 companies participated, bringing several innovative solutions to the technology sector. After a business pitch held at Votorantim’s headquarters in São Paulo, ALTAVE was one of the 4 winning companies.

By 2018, the idea is that the solutions presented are tested and validated to become potential suppliers of Votorantim.

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