In the context of combating COVID-19, ALTAVE has made itself available to work with the authorities in monitoring, lighting and even detecting suspected cases of infection.

hospital de campanha



  • Lighting difusa 360­­º.
  • Lighting capacity of up to 22,500 m2 in less than 2 minutos.
  • If there is no power in place, they will light up 12 hours on batteries only.
  • Light and repositionable..

The ALTAVE sample AIRSTAR lighting balloons, which are used worldwide and serve field hospitals that need to be installed quickly and can be reused. 

In Brazil, we have experiences with the mining, ports and security sectors, where they are widely used in remote areas with little infrastructure. Balloons are extremely more powerful than reflectors and that’s why they’re so popular. Currently, the USA, France, Guatemala and Spain are employing it in field hospitals to combat the coronavirus.



  • Intelligent automatic detection system, georeferenced images and remote control.
  • Autonomy to fly 60 continuous days.
  • Height up to 200m with monitoring coverage capacity of 30km radius.
  • Need for a single operator.
  • System installation within 2 hours.
  • Compact, mobile, flexible and robust system.

Our monitoring is a solution entirely automated and remotely controlled, which allows the reduction of security teams, and the possibility of working in a safe place or even from the comfort of home. The airline's aerial monitoring solution ALTAVE allows the replacement of two surveillance posts by a single balloon, with cost reduction and an increase of approximately 300km2 of covered area

At the moment, we are also enabling temperature measurements with an infrared camera thermometer to detect individuals suspected of infection. These are small details capable of reducing the risk of contamination by respiratory diseases, essential in the current pandemic scenario of coronavirus.