Intelligent Monitoring and Connectivity

At ALTAVE, our mission is to promote progress by overcoming gravity.

Flexibility and Commitment

Experience in providing connectivity and video monitoring services of major infrastructures in urban and remote areas.

  • Currently, captive balloons have long-term in-flight capability and lower cost of flight time. We are today an unparalleled Brazilian manufacturer of captive airships for monitoring and telecommunications.
  • International prominence with four persistent monitoring balloons for large areas used during the RIO2016 Olympic Games.
  • More than 200 professionals qualified for operations, having our training been certified by the Brazillian Ministry of Justice. Trainings successfully executed in Brazil and abroad.


Capable of capturing real-time images, we perform real-time monitoring of targets, with georeferenced mapping, TV color and infrared images.

  • For rapid threat detection, our software strategically analyses pre-selected points, detecting movement and changes in monitored areas – allowing live information to be sent for immediate action.
  • The basis of deterrence is the generation of a psychological effect that discourages someone from committing a crime or harmful action. Our system, because of its size and height, has proven to have an action inhibiting impact.
  • System designed for quick action, ensuring easy repositioning, flexible height and installation in different mediums – a structure has been developed so to guarantee the montage, transportation and lifting of the balloon on pickup trucks, optimizing time and costs.


2G / 3G / 4G connectivity for rural areas, temporary events and infrastructures – coverage via satellite retransmission, telephone operator modem or directional Wi-Fi link

  • The aerostat can capture internet signals by flying higher than mountainous relief and obstacles, thereby distributing connection to areas of interest.
  • In an area up to 40km radius, ALTAVE provides Internet with speeds of up to 5 Mbit / s. In the same area, in radius of up to 5km, can reach 100 Mbit/s via directional Wi-Fi link.
  • We focus and distribute real-time information for precision farming, harvest data monitoring, machine telemetry, operator feedback, soil condition monitoring and RTK signal retransmission for accurate GPS coordinates.

Efficiency and Convenience

Instant information and live reports on our customers’ assets, whether they are plantations, agricultural machinery or large areas monitoring.

  • Weather reports and georeferenced images allow trained in-house professionals to act and respond to adversity.
  • Whether they are small or large problems, we provide a direct support channel for our clients to contact us whenever and wherever they need.
  • Through a mobile application, you can gather all this information in one place and enjoy the ease of having it at hand.