Innovative Impact Technology

At ALTAVE, one of our key values is challenge inspires us!!

Competitive differentials

For wide area coverage, we know that balloons are the safest and most economical form to get the information you need.

  • Ground solutions such as towers or C.O.W.s (Cell on Wheels) have very limited coverage – on the other hand, air solutions such as drones, helicopters, and airplanes have shorter flight times and higher operating costs.
  • Flying up to 200 meters, our balloons have a privileged view for monitoring and the advantage of being flexible and mobile – they can be assembled, transported and hoisted even in a simple pickup truck.
  • Tethered balloons are regulated by airspace and up to 150m don’t need to register flights. Above that height, we do a quick procedure to obtain a flight permit – a much simpler process than other aircrafts.

Cutting edge technology

ALTAVE aerostats are designed to withstand winds of more than 60 km/h and are built to last 60 days in the air before returning to the ground for a 2-hour checkup.

  • Our technology is patented in Brazil and abroad. We obtained the CE marking, meeting requirements for safety, hygiene and environmental protection, receiving a quality from the European Union to have our product commercialised all over the continent.
  • The balloon serves as a plug’n’play device, plug’n’playmeaning it has an easy integration with any payload (cameras, antennas, radios, etc). In addition, tethered balloons have the least amount of interaction with operators, reducing the risk of accidents and increasing their flight autonomy.
  • Like most modern airships and aerostats, we use helium gas to lift our platforms and payloads. Helium is a non-flammable gas, which allows the balloon to be a safe, sustainable and non-polluting solution.

Individual talents,
Group results

In a team, every member counts. Hence, searching for the best professionals in each field is an imperative. We have the privilege of attracting brilliant individuals both from industry and academia.

  • Our team collaborates in a preliminary study of the installation of the operation’s base and strategic points for installation of the aerostat – also conducting a previous study that automatically provides the percentage of the area of view on the whole extension of interest, that way anticipating if the objective of the
    monitoring or connectivity will be achieved prior to any field action.
  • We have a Research and Development department that continuously seeks to improve our technology, aiming to make it more accessible and efficient. Even after a finished well-done​ job, the study never ends.
  • Our engineers and operators, besides being specialists in aerostats, train and enable other teams for a reliable and well-coordinated​ operations work, always seeking to exceed the expectations of our clients.